Author Billye Survis

Author and inspirational speaker

Hi, I’m Billye Survis, and I’m going to buck the trend and write my about page in the first person 😃.

I was born and raised in rural Wisconsin. After spending a few years working and traveling, I settled back in Wisconsin where I met my husband, Dan. We're now raising our two children, Ethan and Elynn there too along with our dog, Grizly.

I’ve spent the last twenty years helping to build, grow, and lead talent acquisition teams, where I love helping others find their dream jobs. However, in 2021, Elynn had a freak bike accident that left her fighting and praying for her life. So, I’ve now also become an author and motivational guest speaker.

Sharing Elynn's story through Room 1010 has been such a blessing. I love sharing our journey because it helps so many people renew their faith, make difficult decisions, and conquer their fears. Seeing people connect with the message — seeing the awe in their faces and love of God in their eyes — is something I will never tire of. If you're facing a challenge in any part of your life, consider reading Room 1010, as many people tell me it has helped them overcome all sorts of challenges. If you're looking for a motivational speaker who will connect with your audience and inspire, I would be honored to help.

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